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Cate Lally Avatar
Cate Lally

I was so very impressed with Michael and Laura's work! They completed inspections on two homes for me and their excellent detail and explanations helped me not only decide to buy (or not buy on the first home), but also know how to approach simple basic repairs in the first years. They encourage buyers to tag along during the inspection and the education was amazing so that reading the report was easier and even more informative. As a woman buying alone, I was treated as a competent home-buyer and given clear explanations for all questions I had. I highly recommend this team of professionals. And when you use them, be sure to follow them around and LISTEN! You will learn a lot! - 6/23/2018

Lauren Boeckman Avatar
Lauren Boeckman

I had a great experience with Michael. I had used a different inspection company for a previous house. They were very thorough, but didn't take the time to explain anything to me. Michael explained what he was looking at and whether is was important to fix or not. He took time at the end of the inspection to allow me to ask questions and recommended what he would ask for in the house. That was really appreciated because this is my first house, so to have guidance from someone who knows this business was super helpful. - 8/26/2018

Sarah S Avatar
Sarah S

Michael is a complete professional. I would recommend Weber Home Inspection Services to anyone looking at purchasing a new home. He takes the time to walk you through the whole inspection and explains in detail, very open to questions and extremely helpful. I can't say enough about Weber Home Inspection Services. This is my second time having him inspect a potential home. He finds everything! - 6/22/2018

Andrew Jurgens Avatar
Andrew Jurgens

I have been referring buyers I represent to Weber Home Inspection Services for nearly 20 years. As inspectors, Michael and Laura have always been methodical, efficient, and honest. They have proven to be an excellent judge of the magnitude of issues, and communicate the facts and their opinions without bias. They have done hundreds of inspections for my clients, and I give them the highest possible rating. - 6/29/2018

Sam Stone Avatar
Sam Stone

As a first time home buyer Michael was calming. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to stop and answer (many) questions. I would recommend Weber to anyone. I am so happy he was recommended to me. - 9/05/2018